Whitewall’s eclectic sculpture programme comprises genuinely innovative artwork that invites collectors to complement the art that adorns their walls with these tactile and expressive three- dimensional pieces. The powerful and passionate bronze figures of Carl Payne and Jennine Parker will endure through generations and be passed on as a legacy from some of the 21st century’s most inspirational and influential artists.


Although Odile is inspired by the world of dance, Carl has chosen to explore the subtleties of facial expression rather than the shaping and movement of a dancer’s body, to breath taking effect.

ODILE Bronze Sculpture Edition of 95 7” x 20” £2,250


Jennine sees every dance as a series of sculptures each visible for a fleeting moment and this concept has inspired these two exquisite and reflective bronzes.

ELEVATION Bronze Sculpture Edition of 195 15” x 19” £1,750

MOONLIGHT Bronze Sculpture Edition of 195 12” x 19” £1,750

Over the last decade Jennine has become a hugely important name in British sculpture. Following in the footsteps of the European masters, she creates beautifully rendered evocations of life and her bronze figures display strength and elegance in equal measure.

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