Some artwork lends itself better to sculpture than others. There are some figures that translate beautifully into three dimensions and this is undeniably the case in the work of Doug Hyde. Doug’s stunning sculptures bring some of his best loved characters to life in three irresistible dimensions and show him at his most inventive and stylish. Created with a meticulous attention to detail, Doug’s sculptures have made a massive impact and become highly sought-after collector’s items. Crossing a range of sizes, finishes and subjects, they take us into the familiar world of Doug’s friends and family, always together, always having fun, and often displaying a touch of romance.

WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY Pure Bronze Edition of 250, 11” x 8” £895

Doug’s unique and innovative approach to his work speaks directly to the emotions of his audience by summarising love, desires, wishes and dreams, and has turned him into a genuine artist of the people, for the people.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS Pure Bronze Edition of 195, 7” x 10” £1,150

Elegant, engaging and tactile, these sculptures make a beautiful addition to an existing collection, or can stand alone in any interior setting.