“The stillness of meditation and listening to the breath is the key to making sense of the chaos and energies of all things in nature - the light, movement, colour, sound, and continual change.”

Shades of Blue (above)

Original Painting 60 X 36" £8,650

May The Wind Take Your Troubles Away I

Glazed Original Painting 30 X 30" £5,250

May The Wind Take Your Troubles Away II

Glazed Original Painting 30 X 30" £5,250

Ten Thousand Leagues I&II

Glazed Original Painting 20 X 72" £6,250 (each)

Entrancing abstract pieces painted with uninhibited vigour and freedom of style in a glorious array of luminous colours...

Ice Capades

Glazed Original Painting 36 X 72" £9,250

“This is a traditional mountain work representing the challenges we all must face and the guides that exist along the way. Waterfalls to refresh, moving water to travel by, a little bridge to aid crossing, cherry blossoms for renewal and spirit guides. This piece has strong bold colours and the bottom of the canvas is swift moving giving it a sense of excitement.”

Message of truth

Glazed Original Painting 60 X 40" £8,950

In Time for the Party I&II

Glazed Original Painting 10 X 48" £3,950 (each)

And all Those That Love You

Glazed Original Painting 36 X 48" £7,450

The Hope series has been an ongoing theme for about 17 years now based on painting en plein air at my cottage. Hope Island floats in the upper sky while the blossom of remembrance and hope fly upwards from the waters - wending their way and lending bounty and beauty. The white impasto represents the wind moving around and keeping things fresh. I love to revisit this concept every so often”

Hope Exists Always

Glazed Original Painting 48 X 36" £7,450

The Perfection of Morning

Glazed Original Painting 72 X 24" £7,450