"As I paint by natural light, each moment in the studio must be savoured. This collection is an homage to that wondrous gift of shifting light. Its healing power is infused within these works. Marking the passage of time ...we celebrate each new day."

There's always a Golden Lining (above)

Glazed Original Painting 60 X 30" £7,850

Seeing Through to Purity

Glazed Original Painting 40 X 60" £8,950

danielle describes her new works as abstractions in a Miksang style. A Tibetan word translated as ‘the good eye’, Miksang is a way of looking deeply into abstraction to see what we can find there. It encourages us to observe without reference to what our conscious mind tells us to expect, so without preconceptions and prejudice, leading us to a more enlightened encounter with the world.

Memory in the Shape of an Orb

Glazed Original Painting 36 X 60" £8,650

This is our Dance

Glazed Original Painting 48 X 48" £8,650

Sunrise Celebration

Glazed Original Painting 48 X 72" £11,450