These images represent a tribute to art history and the artist’s own place within it, as hundreds of small, intricately painted figures both observe and inhabit classic artworks of our time. Arresting and thought-provoking, they are both inspirational artworks and fascinating talking points for anyone interested in art and its place in history and society.

Collective Soul

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

Everyone IV

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

“These works are an expression of gratitude and reverence to the greats who came before me. This is art that has the power to withstand the test of time and inspire artists for years to come.”

Flower Cocktail

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

Populous Soup

Mixed Media, 24” x 30”, £4,950

The Underdog

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

My Peeps I

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

Art for Everybody

Mixed Media, 40” x 40”, £8,995