“For any figurative artist, life studies – the painting of a human figure from observation of a live model - are an integral part of the artistic process. In order to paint the human form with any degree of veracity one needs to understand the technicalities of form, shape and scale, and every component of the composition must be consistently described, whether in a realistic or more abstract style. Whether the study is of a reclining nude or a fully clothed dancer or musician or a child playing on the beach, the same rules apply.”

Last Adjustments Original Painting on Board 14 X 12” £16,950

Although the majority of Sherree’s compositions are based around society or childhood scenes, she has been drawing and painting the female figure all her life. The ballet has provided her with a rich source of inspiration for many years, and her rare paintings of dancers in repose, which betray the influence of Degas and Renoir, have become highly sought after.

Waiting to Perform Original Painting on Board 14 X 18” £24,950