DC Comics is known as the king of all comic books and this stunning new collection features the work of the greatest comic book artist of them all Alex Ross

The Collection

Alex Ross has breathed new life into the classic superheroes and villains, turning them into works of fine art, and we are delighted that five of his iconic images are now available as superb collector’s editions, hand signed by the artist. Each of the images in the collection is available as a framed paper edition of 195, a larger framed box canvas edition of 195 and an exclusive large scale, deluxe framed box canvas edition of only 49 copies.

Universally acknowledged as one of the greatest artists in the field of comic books, Alex Ross has revolutionised the industry, breathing new life into the classic superheroes. By turning them into works of fine art, he has transcended the newsstand origins of his profession. Just as Andy Warhol elevated soup can labels into multi-million dollar artworks, Alex has elevated the art of the comic book, and his partnership with the biggest brands in the industry has taken him into the illustration stratosphere. He is now one of the most revered comic book artists of our time with hundreds of thousands of devoted fans, and his unique images have become highly sought after as stand-alone works of art.

Since 1994, Alex has won countless prestigious accolades for his prolific artistic contribution to contemporary culture, including 12 Eisner awards and eight Harvey awards.