For his first collection of 2021, the nation’s best loved artist has sent an inspirational message of love with a trio of irresistible artworks. Featuring his trademark figures, classic pastel colours, retro references and expressive style, he has created the perfect combination of charm, humour and nostalgia.


Paper Edition of 395, 12 x 12”, £350

“I have always loved dogs. As a boy, I loved my grandparents’ dog. I am lucky to have a Best Mate at home with me; our much-loved Great Dane. The whole family feel like Nancy is their ‘best friend’. This is the one family member who is always in everyone’s good books, and is there for all of us. Even the cats love Nancy! She is all of our ‘Best Mate’.”


Paper Edition of 395, 12 x 12”, £350

“We have so many cats, I’m not sure exactly how many we have! At home, everywhere I go in the house or outside a cat is not far away, living room, kitchen, bedroom, even the bathroom or on the stairs a cat may be found. Last year we had 2 kittens which as my daughter says are ‘Super Cute’.”

“We all remember these sweets. As a child I remember them being passed around at school; often with much laughter from friends and embarrassment by the recipient. For me, a simple message is the easiest and best way to express myself; painting this message is far easier for me than saying it. Combining these sweets with a simple message is the perfect, fun way to express how I feel about the people and pets around me!”


The ultimate message for the one who means the most…

“I produced this as a really simple message for my wife. The artwork says it all.”


Cold Cast Porcelain Edition of 395, 6 x 6", £395

Doug Hyde’s heart-warming artwork is inspired by the people and things he loves. Over the years he has won countless awards and accolades which demonstrate his extraordinary status as an artist, but more importantly, he has won a place in the hearts of the nation.