Kamp invites us in to his imagination to explore the dark underbelly of a society which trades in risk and revenge. Mischa is wild and carefree until the death of her sister consumes her with vengeance. When she confronts the mob, their driver Max becomes reluctantly entangled in her plan. Inspired by the iconic 1990s film ‘True Romance’, these dynamic, vibrant paintings tell a new story through Kamp’s unique artistic voice.


MAX AND MISCHA Original Painting on Canvas, 39” x 47”, £21,950

Max British ex special forces, driver and fixer for the Russian mafia Mischa Russian, thrill seeking, troublemaker on a mission to avenge her sister Andrei Head of the notorious Vasiliev organised crime family Yuri Power hungry arrogant nephew of Andrei Viktor Long standing right hand man of Andrei Kessler American head of biker gang Retribution Kingpin Rival organized crime boss Black dragon and Blue dragon Members of the KSS(Kenshin Samurai Security Co.) Lucius Kingpin’s right hand man Ren Kingpin’s associate and go to for dirty work, debt collection, extortion, dispatching etc.. The Doorman The Kingpin’s guard to his club above the restaurant.

THE RUSSIANS Original Painting on Canvas, 39” x 22”, £13,750


INT. BAR - DAY We are in a bar, the only light coming from a few wall lamps and the odd electric neon beer advertisement. We follow a young attractive woman, she is MISCHA, she has bright orange hair, not auburn or ginger but orange, the kind that you get from a bottle. She is carrying a tray of glasses and a chilled bottle of Stolichnaya vodka to a table where there are a group of stereotypically badly dressed Russian wiseguys. ANDREI, the older guy in the open neck shirt and gold jewellery is the boss, his nephew, wearing a tightly fitted leather jacket and vest is YURI, the big guy in the tracksuit top polishing his gun is VIKTOR. You can tell from MISCHA’s strong accent she is also from Russia. She’s in her mid 20s, casual but sexy, leather trousers, crop top and has the kind of attitude that’s going to get her in a lot trouble one day. She sets the tray down too hard, one of the glasses falls over. YURI grabs her wrist.

VICTOR Original Painting on Canvas, 18” x 24”, £8,350

NOW WHAT DID YOU WANT TO TELL ME Original Painting on Canvas, 24” x 13”, £7,650

MISCHA flips him her finger as she walks back to the bar. YURI jumps up from his chair producing a switchblade. ANDREI Sit down, sit down for God’s sake YURI we are trying to play cards,leave it alone. That fucking temper of yours… MISCHA apologise. MISCHA turns and curtsies, lowering her head. MISCHA I’m sorry, YURI. Did I hurt your feelings. The others laugh again. YURI points at her with his knife, standing there a moment trying to retrieve some respect. ANDREI pulls him back into his seat. YURI picks up his cards breathing hard. YURI One day. (He says shaking his head) ANDREI Yes, yes one day YURI. Now what did you want to tell me

MISCHA leans against the bar and growls. There is a man sitting at the bar reading the paper. He is MAX. He is a strong, well built guy, early 40s. There’s some sort of Royal marines special forces tattoo on his arm and he’s wearing a shoulder holster carrying the kind of gun that looks like it could knock over a truck. He’s a guy who fixes things for the Russians.

MAX What are you doing MISCHA? You can’t talk to them like that. (He doesn’t look up) MISCHA I can’t take it anymore. I have to do something. MAX takes a sip of coffee and waits, he’s not sure he wants to know. MAX What are you talking about? MISCHA pushes in closer to MAX. MISCHA Do you remember KARINE? She used to work here. MAX Sure. I remember her. MISCHA she was my sister.

I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE Original Painting on Canvas, 32” x 24”, £13,750

YOU'VE STARTED A WAR Original Painting on Canvas, 32” x 17”, £10,950

ANDREI You did what? We cut to THE RUSSIANS. ANDREI has grabbed YURI by his jacket. YURI We have to send a message, The KINGPIN is operating in our territory. This is a good move. I wanted to show how we can get to him. ANDREI You stole the one thing he cares about most in this world, you stupid fool. You have not sent a message, you have started a fucking war. VIKTOR gently pulls his boss off YURI. here, boss. YURI and ANDREI hold each other’s unflinching defiant stares. YURI Bring them in VIKTOR. CUT TO: Three heavy set guys come into the bar. Hell’s Angel types, all in black, big beards and inked up powerful arms. One of them is so tall he has to duck to get in through the door, another is carrying a reinforced flight case. The guy who seems to be in charge is KESSLER. KESSLER You have our money? YURI Of course.

KESSLER’S CREW Original Painting on Canvas, 47” x 32”, £22,500

ALL BUSINESS Original Painting on Canvas 32” x 24” £13,750

KESSLER stares at ANDREI for a moment and then bursts out laughing. KESSLER Take it back? (He throws head back laughing and slaps the biggest guy on the arm) I think he wants us to take it back? All three of KESSLER’s crew pull their guns, and of course so do YURI and VIKTOR in response.