THE RUSSIAN RESPONSE Original Painting on Canvas, 39” x 26”, £14,500

NO TAKING IT BACK Original Painting on Canvas 24” x 13” £7,650

KESSLER There is no taking it back. I lost one of my best guys getting this fucking case. YURI (laughing nervously and starting to lower his gun). No, no of course you are not taking it back, my uncle is not serious, let us have a drink. MISCHA bring more glasses.

MISCHA STUDY Original Painting on Paper, 13” x 17”, £2,950

MISCHA MAKES HER MOVE Original Painting on Canvas, 24” x 32”, £9,500

The RUSSIANS and the BIKERS are sat around the table. As MISCHA places the glasses on the table she grabs one of the guns from the table. She’s done this before, she knows how to handle a gun. MISCHA Don’t fucking move. YURI (confused) What the fuck are you doing you stupid girl. Put the gun down and fuck off before you get hurt. MISCHA shoots the bottle of vodka on the table and then calmly explains.

MAX TAKES HIS HOSTAGE Original Painting on Canvas, 32” x 24”, £13,750

ANDREI STUDY Original Painting on Paper, 13” x 17”, £2,950

NO TURNING BACK Original Painting on Canvas, 39” x 26”, £14,500

YURI Do your fucking job, MAX. MAX shakes his head and sighs. MAX In a move that we have to see in slow motion, Max pulls his cannon from his holster, smacks YURI with it and grabs ANDREI around the neck as his hostage. Blood spurts from YURI’s nose. Ah YURI you really are a dick. YURI You broke my fucking nose. MAX Ok ANDREI, I’m going to let you go now. We’ve known each other a long time. I’ve got you out of a lot of shit over the years, you know what I am capable of. So tell everyone to be cool and nobody has to die….today. ANDREI I tell you what MAX, I’ll give you 20 seconds for old times sake. MAX contemplates for a moment. Well that’s decent of you ANDREI. I have your word.

ANDREI You have my word.

YURI No fucking way, I’m taking the shot.

ANDREI No you’re not YURI. (he nods to VIKTOR) VIKTOR pushes his gun against YURI’s temple. (He shrugs) I’m sorry, YURI. YURI You fucking asshole, VIKTOR, I won’t forget this. MAX Ok ready, MISCHA. MISCHA I want to shoot this pig first. MAX Can’t let you do that MISCHA. Come on now, let’s go. MISCHA is gritting her teeth aiming her gun at a defiant but nervous YURI. The gun is starting to tremble in her hand as she is squeezing the trigger.

MAX STUDY Original Painting on Paper, 16” x 12”, £2,950

MAX releases ANDREI and keeps his gun trained on the group. They slowly back towards the door. YURI 19, 18, 17, 16 (continues counting faster than actual seconds).’m taking the shot.

THE GETAWAY Original Painting on Canvas, 47” x 32” £20,500

EXT. STREET - NIGHT MAX is waiting for her shaking his head. MISCHA shrugs,tears rolling down her face. MISCHA For KATRINE. They reach MAX’s 1965 Mustang Coupe, parked opposite the bar but before they can get in they hear the door of the bar crash open. VIKTOR is first through but MAX already has his 44 out and fires, the boom echoes in the street and knocks VIKTOR off his feet back through the door. MAX and MISCHA empty their guns into the doorway and dive into the Mustang. Within moments, MAX has gunned the V8 and the smoking tyres launch the car down the empty street.