BLUE DRAGON STUDY Original Painting on Paper, 12” x 17”, £2,950

BLACK DRAGON STUDY Original Painting on Paper, 12” x 17”, £2,950

MAX If we catch him off guard, maybe then. I have a friend who used to work personal security for him. I’ll give her a call. MISCHA Her? A security woman? I like that. MAX Yeah he likes security women… with samurai swords. You’ll see.

KISS BLUE DRAGON Original Painting on Canvas, 32” x 47”, £15,950

KISS BLACK DRAGON Original Painting on Canvas, 32” x 47”, £15,950

THE DOORMAN Original Painting on Canvas 12” x 16” £5,500

EXT. DOOR TO CLUB - NIGHT Max indicates for MISCHA to knock on the door while he draws his weapon and stands to the side. A small panel at eye level slides open. DOORMAN What? MISCHA (dismissive, she starts to light cigarette, super casual.)Open the fucking door, come on hurry up I don’t have all night. I have something for KINGPIN DOORMAN Give it to me. MISCHA Ok ok, open the door, it won’t fit through your little window. As the door starts to open. MAX slams through it knocking the DOORMAN back. MISCHA follows and pushes her gun into the doorman’s neck, she puts her fingers to her lips. MAX nods with surprise and approval.

MISCHA MEETS THE DOORMAN Original Painting on Canvas, 24” x 18” £8,350

INT. THE CLUB - NIGHT The club is not really a club, it’s a sort of shabby chic decorated room, fancy filigree wallpaper ,thick velvet curtains, it’s dimly lit by reproduction gold plated fancy wall lamps and a huge TV which stands in the centre of the room that we can only see from the back. A fake gas fire flickers in an ornate fireplace at the far end of the room, above which is a portrait of the KINGPIN dressed as a general. In front of the fire there is a reproduction gold leaf ornate chair, almost a throne, on which we see the KINPIN. He’s a relatively small man, wearing a snakeskin suit, black shirt and gold jewellery. He seems unfazed by the interruption. To his left and right are two of his associates.

KINGPIN STUDY Original Painting on Paper, 13” x 17”, £2,950

AN INTERRUPTION Original Painting on Canvas 71” x 51” £49,950

LUCIUS Original Painting on Canvas 16” x 20” £7,650

LUCIUS is the huge black guy on his right. He has the kind of afro you might associate with JULES from Pulp Fiction and he’s wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt. On the other side is REN, a another big guy but slim and powerful, he is wearing a leather jacket hanging open, exposing bare skin and tattoos. Even though all were watching TV they are wearing sunglasses. Behind the throne are the KINPIN’s personal security guards, two women in leather strapped outfits both are drawing their katana swords. The KINGPIN draws on his cigar while lowering his sunglasses to peer over the top and switches off the TV.

AIN’T THAT ANDREI’S DRIVER? Original Painting on Canvas 32” x 17” £10,950

They all sit in silence for a moment. KINGPIN REN aint that ANDREI’s driver? REN I think so, boss. KINGPIN LUCIUS, what the fuck is ANDREI’s driver and ANDREI’s driver’s girl doing interrupting the game?