Mr. Brainwash is an art phenomenon who knows no boundaries and accepts no rules…

His witty and irreverent work combines elements from pop art’s past, from classical paintings and from the raw components of his street art beginnings. Embracing a riot of statements and jokes, commentary and chaos, he creates larger-than-life celebrations of culture, imagination and sheer audacity.


When Mr. Brainwash exploded onto the LA scene in 2008 with his debut show, he created a sensation. Multi-layered, both literally and metaphorically, his work is an orchestrated collision of street art and pop art that has challenged cultural norms and made him a legend.



In the last 10 years, this subversive and playful visionary has been placed on the elite list of the world’s top artists based on auction sales of nearly $2.5 million His dramatic rise to superstardom and many of his celebrity encounters and collaborations are the subject of a forthcoming documentary from Emmy-award winning producer, Michael D. Ratner.



His raw visual take on popular culture and mass consumption has won Mr. Brainwash legions of fans, leading to international exhibitions and many high profile celebrity collaborations.