Despite the 1950s pin-up vibe that runs through this collection, our heroines are very much of their time – forthright modern women who are not afraid to speak their minds. Their bold statements are given an additional impact as LED lighting is used to illuminate their words and dazzle us with their truth!

The raven-haired beauty who takes centre stage in this spectacular solo study stares morosely into her cocktail, cigarette in hand, the very image of a woman who has had enough. Yet something, perhaps her wit, tells us that she’ll be back to fight another day!

DROWNED SORROWS Mixed Media Backlit Edition of 75, Size: 26 x 40”, £2,500

These disconcerting words are uttered by a beautiful but demanding brunette (who bears a striking resemblance to 1950s actress and pin-up Jane Russell) as she lines up her drinks to stave off the boredom.

"I DRINK TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE MORE INTERESTING" Mixed Media Backlit Edition of 75, Size: 26 x 40”, £2,500

orders the beautiful blonde who commands our attention in this breath-taking new artwork from The Connor Brothers. Tall, slender, and modelling a revealing black cocktail dress, she combines seductive ’50s style glamour with the sassy attitude of a modern woman.

"CALL ME ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY" Mixed Media Backlit Edition of 75, Size: 26 x 40”, £2,500

The Connor Brothers have been widely featured in the media; there have been sell-out shows at galleries all over the world, and their work has been shown at diverse settings such as the V&A, the Penguin Collection and Banksy’s Dismaland. Join us in the gallery or contact us to secure your exclusive artwork from this exceptional artistic partnership.