Vincent Kamp is one of the most intriguing voices in the world of figurative realism. He is renowned for his arresting portraits which use light, colour and composition like a cinematographer to build a scene and tell a story.

To commission a portrait from Vincent is to embark on a creative journey in the company of a pioneering conceptual artist which can take you wherever you wish to go. Each fascinating image combines a stunning likeness with a compelling character study, as each subject is placed in a situation which tells us something about who they are, or perhaps who they want to be – a fascinating character with a backstory and a future.

Tamer Hassan

Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby

Vincent has always been fascinated with those parts of society that many of us never encounter – the urban subcultures that exist all around us, yet are often invisible to us unless we are ourselves a part of them. Many of his arresting portraits are built on the assumption that society will always identify with rebels and this gritty unseen world, and his spectacular success has demonstrated that there is more than a little truth in this. ‘Peaky Blinders’, the cult TV series set on the lawless streets of 1920s Birmingham, struck a chord with Vincent for this reason.


Simon Rumley

Vincent has worked with a host of actors and models in locations from the streets of London’s East End to the exquisite Amber Room at the Ritz, directing short films based on his own screenplays with actors including Georgia May Foote, Tamer Hassan and Samuel Anderson.

Tom Hardy in The Krays

Vincent’s portfolio of celebrity portraits includes this superb painting, commissioned by multi-award-winning singer and songwriter Sam Smith.

“I love telling stories with my paintings. Each painting should be able to tease the viewer into using their imagination to tell their own story.”

Vincent Kamp