With her beautiful new collection, Sherree Valentine-Daines invites us to step back in time and revisit the warmest days of summer…

An idyllic day out at the seaside is the setting for this timeless trio of collectable editions from the country’s foremost modern Impressionist, Sherree Valentine-Daines.

These beautiful and affectionate portrayals of children in the landscape invite us to step out of reality and revisit a world of innocent pleasures. The colours, the atmosphere and the interplay of light and shadow fuse to create an enchanting sense of timeless contentment.


Canvas on Board Edition of 195, 12” x 14” £450


Canvas on Board Edition of 195, 9” x 12” £395

As the UK’s foremost figurative artist, Sherree has exhibited at prestigious venues ranging from the Tate Gallery to the Lord’s Museum, and her unquestionable virtuosity has made her a favourite with many celebrity collectors including members of the British Royal Family. Famous names in the world of show-business have sat for her including Joanna Lumley and Michael Parkinson and she has become a familiar face on television, earning the title of ‘artist to the stars’ in the Express. This exquisite collection demonstrates why she has been officially voted the UK’s leading Impressionist and her status on the contemporary art scene is unique.


Canvas on Board Edition of 195, 16” x 13” £525