Amylee Paris

Glittering floral abstractions


THE GENEROUS GARDENER Original on Canvas, 24” x 24”, £1,495

VINTAGE BLUE Original on Canvas, 39” x 39”, £3,350

SONATA Original on Canvas, 20” x 20”, £1,125

Amylee is inspired by the graphic codes of Klimt and Mucha, the beauty of Alma-Tadema, Monet and Morisot, the dynamic creativity of urban and pop artists, and the patterned fabrics of designers such as Christian Lacroix, Manish Arora and Yulia Yanina. The fashion connection was highlighted when John Galliano acquired one of her paintings.

“I really relate to the emotions emanating from a painting or a colour. My artwork tries to share a good message, a good vibration, a light feeling that makes you forget the daily worries.”

Lynne Timmington

Atmospheric evocations of the natural world


MARINEMALERI Original on Canvas, 35” x 28”, £1,795

HAVSBILD Original on Canvas, 35” x 28”, £1,795

AINALI Original on Canvas, 39” x 32”, £1,850

Lynne Timmington’s powerfully expressive contemporary seascapes draw their inspiration from the vastness of the oceans and skies, the forces of nature, and the effects of light on all of these elements. Her work has been exhibited all over the country in galleries and exhibitions including a one-woman show at The Barbican, The Festival Hall and The West of England Art Academy.

“The driving force behind my work is an irresistible compulsion to capture those moments which have a powerful impact on me, and less detail means greater impact.”

Dylan Izaak

The UK’s most fun loving artist

Playful and inventive, Dylan’s new originals are a quirky and humorous tribute to the most famous face in the world. Dylan is renowned for his distinctive, whimsical style, and his unique slant on street scenes, monuments and characters offers an amusing and even audacious modern takes on the ancient traditions and historic architecture of the capital. Recently Dylan has been working on a new mixed media process where he meticulously creates his own graffiti walls digitally, then prints his designs onto aluminium. He hand finishes each piece by painting his iconic Royal subjects over the top.

“An affectionate take on the traditions we love and admire.”

HRH Mixed Media, 32” x 24”, £2,995

YOUR MAJESTY THE QUEEN Mixed Media, 42” x 24”, £3,750