Rory’s photorealistic oil paintings exploring the seductive nature of high glamour and society’s preoccupation with materialism have made him a star artist of his generation. Fascinated with consumerism and trends, he takes inspiration from glossy high-fashion magazines; he is greatly influenced by Andy Warhol’s innovative take on consumerism which, he says, changed the landscape of the art world and made people more knowledgeable about advertising, marketing-hype and propaganda.

His exhibition Vermillionaire at 71a Gallery in Shoreditch was featured in Huck Magazine under the title “What it’s really like to be a young, break-out artist”, and his work has been exhibited in galleries in London and the provinces and New Delhi.


Glazed Box Canvas Edition of 95, 26” x 26” £695


Glazed Box Canvas Edition of 95, 40” x 24” £895


Glazed Box Canvas Edition of 95, 26” x 26” £695