Jennine has always found dance a deep source of artistic inspiration and believes that dancing creates a sculpture that is visible for only a moment in time. This concept has formed the basis of her latest collection: she wanted to capture this fleeting glimpse of expressive elation within her works, and the result is two arresting bronzes. With their juxtaposition of smooth and textured surfaces and their fluid curves, these beautiful pieces are unmistakably the work of one of our most creative sculptors.

Bronze Sculpture Edition of 195, Size 15” x 19” £1,750

Dance is a way for the human body to express its energy through graceful or interesting curves and lines, creating movement and contours. In much the same way, my sculpture captures shape and texture - the human form imaginatively evoked through motion.

Bronze Sculpture Edition of 195, Size 12” x 19” £1,750

My passion is the human form, and before I start a piece I create as many life drawings as possible. This encourages strong observation and is the foundation of my work.